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Love You

  hug You

     Read to You

 A Huge Amount Of Awarded Book From All Over The World.

Selected Books For Infants, Toddlers, Kids, Teens, and Also Adults. 

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Draw it

POst it

Interact with it

Feel The Charm Of Technology In Our Very Special "Dark Room"

No Pen nor Paper Needed.

Go Green, Safe And Fun.


Sand Play

  Wood Cubes

      Magic Snow

Digging, Measuring, Pouring, Modeling, Shaping......

Sand Play Gives Kids Unlimited Space To Imagine and Create. It Is Fun and Filled With Learning!

We Provide Not Only Sand, but Also Magical Snow Flake and other material with more fun!




Slide ! ! ! 

Wave Slides, Spiral Cube Slides, Rainbow Slides, Wild Straight Slides, and Our Most Unique Snow Tube Slides!

Come To Explore In Our Amazing Slides World within the 3- Story Playground Structure.


Crawl safely

  Play Calmly

Only for little ones

Interactive Ball Pit, Miniature Playground Structure and Slides, Tons of Soft Playing and Learning Toys.

A Perfect Space For Building, Easy Playing, and Crawling.

Everything Designed Specially For The Little Ones.


Themed deco

exclusive room

Best Party Ever

Private Party Rooms Designed Specially for Both Intimate Parties and Big Ceremony,  More Then 20 Choices of Themed Decoration, Professional Party Planning, Experienced Party Hosts, Everything Can Be Personalized.

Give Your Kids An Ultimate Birthday Party That Can Remembered Forever!

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